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Roland 25th July 2016 (1)
Roland after his first surgery

Roland came to us from Pug Dog Welfare. I wanted to credit them for the hard work they did with Roland before he was re-housed with us. His foster mummy told me that she took him out for a walk when she first got him and due to his weight alone he collapsed after 7 minutes.

Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue (PDWR) do a fantastic job, for a breed that people often see as teddy bears. They put a lot of love, care and attention in the dogs to ensure that they are well enough to be re-homed into caring families like ours. Sadly more dogs of this breed are being put up for rehoming due to the breed’s status. Our Pug is a good example of how the right home, for the right dog really does breed success.

Roland had various health conditions when surrendered. Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) being one.  This condition is very common in flat faced breeds such as pugs and it is costly, but easily rectified. The condition causes an excess in soft tissues with restricts the ability to breath. Roland required surgery to rectify this condition.

I have been asked to pay special thanks to the vets who operated on Roland at Dick White Referrals. They were responsible for his initial surgery which not only made his life easier, but without this surgery we would never have been able to consider running with him.

Pug Dog Welfare do an amazing job at rescuing and re-homing those pugs who without their work would have lived a sad and poorly life. If you would like a pet pug, please do click on the link above or below and consider taking one that is in need of rescue instead of buying a puppy. They really are the most supportive organisation.

If you want to support Pug Dog Welfare but cannot have a dog in your home, you can donate by following the link, buy pug related products from their shop or attend an event, in which you get to meet some beautiful pugs that have been rescued.

Thanks for reading.

hev and Roland.



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