A Lonely Journey

As I write this, Roland is sat by our door, sunning himself. This seems to be a habit that all Pugs adore. The first bit of sun and they are there, sat in the light, taking on all the rays it can throw at them.  Who would blame them? The past week has been long,... Continue Reading →

Snow :(

We've had a lot of snow. It has been very disruptive, if for nothing else but Roland and I's running schedule. Again we have not gone out. We have however, gone a bit nuts. Our walks have not been as long as usual. This is as a direct response of the schools being closed. We have... Continue Reading →

People Surprise you

We haven't been running as much as I'd like. Partially, because Roland has not been very well and I have been worried about exerting his energy. But, I recently got gym membership and have been trying to utilise that. It is also very muddy on our rural runs and often impossible to run through it.... Continue Reading →

We Did it!

We Managed our 5km Dog Jog in approx 43.23. Not bad. The jog was eventful though! Here it goes: Before we even arrived, I was worrying about parking. I was anxious about my run, I was anxious about where I was doing it. I was worrying about not getting parked. I was worrying about being... Continue Reading →

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