Sad news.

You haven’t heard from me for a while and I do have some rather sad news. Two weeks ago we embarked on our holiday to the Peak District. In my new running mode, I decided that before we embarked on our 3 hour journey, that I would go and do a run with Roland. My husband came too. It was a warmish day and we went at 14:30. On our return, Roland had an epileptic seizure. This is not unheard of for Roland, but in the nearly two years he has been with us, he has only had two seizures.

This time I felt more prepared, and whilst my husband nipped out to pick our little boy up from school, I was attempting to make the situation more comfortable. Roland was on the kitchen floor at the time, I was sat next to him, just trying to do the best I could.

13.06.2018 - Rolands fort.jpg
Our little boy made a fort for Roland to rest in. 

We packed the car, and took Roland with us. Anyone who has a dog with seizures, knows that they need rest. A vet explained to me that it is because their senses are on hyper alert. So unlike our usual walking holidays with Roland and our five year old, we had to leave him at home more often than a usual on our holiday.

This opened up some very serious questions about running and Rolands health. Both seizures that Roland has had, have followed after a run. I may be wrong, but I do not think this is too much of a coincidence. So sadly for us all, Roland is hanging up his running paws and will no longer be joining me for training runs. However, the blog will continue and Roland will always be a very important factor for my runs. Without him I would never have continued this running journey. Now I am not running with him, but I am running for him. For everything this blog stands for.

I am the girl that got fat from school. I am the girl who couldn’t run the 100 meters. I am the one who ALWAYS picked last in team sports because for want of a better word, I was crap.

Roland is like me, but a dog version. He is the breed where people don’t think he shouldn’t walk let alone run. He is the dog that got over fed. He is the dog who couldn’t walk longer than ten minutes when he was rescued.

This pug could, and would if he was medically fit. I can run for him. I will run for him.


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