Lean in 15 – Reality

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you will know a few weeks ago, at my asthma review I had a scare. I was told that I had put on weight in the past year and the amount of weight and family history would put me at a certainty of having type 2 diabetes. I was worried, concerned about this.

After talking to a friend about it, she recommended Joe Wicks ‘Lean in 15.’ I had calorie counted for years. I was stuck in a rut, and had started snacking during the day. I was willing to try anything to stop this.

What is Lean in 15?

The reality is that you can pay £190 to be given recipes and have the planning done for you. For poor people like me, it isn’t really an option. If you buy (or borrow as I did initially) the books, Joe Wicks explains the principles of the plan. On a HIIT day (which you can get for free from youtube) you can eat his higher carb recipes. On a rest day you eat the lower carb recipes.

The idea is that each recipe will fill you up and is nutritious. Some are probably high in calories, but all ingredients are fresh and serve your body right.

I used the red and blue book in the first two weeks and had been so impressed, I bought all 5 of his books. I occasionally do a hiit sessions, but eat the carb recipes when I have done a run, or a zumba workout etc…

How have I found it? 

I have noticed that I have had a decrease in appetites between meals, that I feel better and more importantly I have enough energy to keep working out. It will be interesting one day to step onto the sad step and see if it has helped. But I feel less bloated, more in the zone and generally happier.

Now I have given you an idea of what is involved, I have popped some pictures of the recipes I have tried below. Just for you. If you are like me, you enjoy looking at wonderful food. I will aim to show you some food pics occasionally, but I must say all of the recipes I have tried have not only tasted amazing, but have been easily adapted for the PKU in the house, and my five year old has enjoyed them!


22.05.2018 - Salmon and edame bean salad
Salmon and Edamame salad (I used broad beans) 
22.05.2018 - Curried lentils
Coconut and Cashew Dhal 
22.05.2018 - Creamy chicken pie
Chicken Pie (and veg) 
22.05.2018 - Cod with pineapple salsa
Cod Tacos with pineapple salsa. 
22.05.2018 - chunky monkey smoothie
Chunky Monkey smoothie (tastes like a snickers bar.) 
22.05.2018 - Chicken with spinach salsa
Tumeric Chicken with spinach satay
22.05.2018 - Chicken Sausage penne pasta
Chicken Sausage with Penne Pasta
22.05.2018 - Chicken curry
Chicken Bhuna (Meant to be prawns!)
22.05.2018 - Build it up breakfas bagel
Build it up breakfast bagel. 

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