2.8 miles ran

Today we ran a hot 2.8 miles. I have had an injury on my side which has prevented me from running. We tried last week, but after 30 seconds I was in agony. Dr Google told me the only way to fix it was to rest.

I can happily report that it worked! However, it means that running now seems harder. Coupled with the sun, I am pleased that I have at least gone for a run.

On this run I decided we would start with a dreaded hill. I need to work on hills. I live in a very flat county and it means that when training there a few hills to attempt. I am not complaining. Hills are not my favourite and they tend to hurt my calves. But I feel as though I should add them to my training occasionally.

22.05.2018 - post run cool down
Post run cool down. 

We went up the hill with no problems, meeting two fellow dog walkers along the way. Roland was really well behaved. Normally when we get up the hill and onto fields, I go right and plod around a field. This time I did not. I pulled a left and went along some pretty alleyways.

The alleyways always remind me of a place where faeries would live. When I do an early morning run, and the dew is already touching the leaves, I expect to see a little faerie sitting on a rock, or flying in front of me.  This has never happened, but I sincerely hope it gives you a visual about how beautiful this route is.

Roland and I ran the length of the footpaths and back onto the road. We were jeffing the whole route which helped. The road was warm, it is a hot day. We continued until we got to another faerie path and this is where my legs decided to stop me. My calves were burning and were willing me to stop. So I cut a corner and went across the field.

22.05.2018 - real face of running
The real face of running. Microsoft Build T-shirt (2018) stolen from my husband! 

Roland then met two other dog friends and we continued along the way. All the way home we ran (or tried.) We jeffed the whole way round,

On our return, Roland needed water and so did I. The sweat was pouring off me and I am sure under Rolands fur, he felt the same. We made sure we rehydrated ourselves properly and then settled down for a jolly good rest.

Despite only doing 2.8 miles today, I feel as though I can now run the 10km. Even if it takes me forever and I have to walk, I feel as though we can do it. This is the first time I have felt like this in a few weeks. The countdown has begun.

22.05.2018 - post run water
Post run refreshments! Yum. 

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