I must keep plodding on!

I have been running this week. It has been hot and we have had record temperatures. That means it hasn’t been easy. Coupled with having to look after my little boy as my husband has been away for work, finding the right time (5am) to go out and run has been near impossible.

However, I have managed two very hot runs. When the weather gets this hot I try and keep my runs to wooded areas, where it is slightly cooler. I managed this today. But the moments when we were out in the sun, away from the shelter of the trees, I felt awful.

This has meant two things. I am concerned about my 10km in June. It begins at 11 am, so if it is a hot day I am not sure how I will do. Secondly, I have lost my enthusiasm to run. Again. My love hate relationship with it continues. But every time I feel as though I can do it, I will do it. Something comes up. A little devil on my shoulder that says “no you can’t. Stop. Walk. What’s the point?”

8.05.2018 - After run
Roland wondered what the point was too. 

The point, that I keep having to centre towards, is that people are dying of cancer. A friend of mine, her sister in law has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she is in her 30’s. If I can just raise more money to prevent, or limit the number of people that I can that will go through that, I will. That is why I am doing this. It isn’t for me anymore. It is for all of those people and their families.

I have a copy of this months Runners World magazine. I haven’t read it all yet. But there is an interesting article about lower intensity but longer time of running may well be more beneficial than those who are getting subs of 20. I need to keep hold of that. Jeffing, it seems, may well be the way to go.

I have read a number of sad running stories recently too. We are often bombarded with the benefits of running, but one person died during the London Marathon, and then another in Manchester. Although I am unsure why the men have both died, possibly they have underlying health conditions, it has made me question why no one seems to query the start times of these events. For asthmatics like me, the extreme heat is a turn off. Yet every 5km event I have attended are always after 10am. When the weather is hot, that time is far too late.

I assume it is due to the organisation of the events. But I would love to attend an event that starts at 6am. I imagine my PB would be 100% better!

Hoping for my mojo to come back, until then, I will just stride towards completing the 10km.

If you would like to sponsor me and help me raise money for Cancer Research UK, please click here.

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