We are doing the 10km Race for Life

This blog post is not about running, it is about something more important. Roland and I have done one race a year since we started running together. This year, Roland will not run with me. Partly because the distance is 10km in June at 11am. As Roland is a pug, during the summer we avoid runs and walks between 10:00 and 15:00 due to breathing problems. But the run I am doing, he will help me train for and he as big a part of this as anyone.

Race for Life is a fun run, and the proceeds raised go towards Cancer Research UK. I have chosen 10km because it will be a real challenge, but not as challenging as those who are going through intensive cancer treatment.

I can list the number of people that I know, names that in some cases I don’t know because they were parents of friends, or colleagues of family members. The fact about cancer is that everyone one I know can do that too.

I am running with a group of mums from my little boys school. I don’t talk often enough about my little boy, but these mums are there at the same time as me, dropping off and picking up. Some of us will not run, some will walk the 5km course, some will walk and run (like me), and some will run the full 10 km distance. But we are coming together, supporting each other and doing the run together.

We signed up for this a few weeks ago. I have completed some runs with some of the mums already. Sadly, a few days ago we found out that one school mum (one I hadn’t spoken to as she was rarely at school drop off or pickup), but she lost her battle to cancer. So with the greatest sadness there is, we are hoping to run in memory of her this year. Her little boy, the same age as my little boy, has to survive without his mummy. This is the reality of cancer. It will get anyone. It does not care who you are, how old you are, what your circumstances are. It will get you and if I can raise some money towards preventing this I will.

The sadness I feel is insurmountable, but cannot be compared to that of her family. But the least I can do is raise some money, complete my run, and pay homage to all those people that have not only lost there battle, but leave those poor families behind.

Thinking of you all that have experienced this lost.

Roland 27th August 2016 (1)
Roland is resting

If you would like to donate to me or my team, please follow this link:


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  1. It’s awesome that your using your fitness goal to also raise money and awareness of a really good cause. It’s really sad to hear about one of the mums from your school and I know that it’s a small very close knit community so must have had an impact on you all. It is beautiful that you are able to come together and raise money and in her memory too. I shall sponson you. 💜


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