Things are changing and it’s not just the weather!

Since my last blog post, I have been for 3 runs. Only one with Roland. It has been wet, and therefore muddy on the roads, but I have conquered my fear and ran on the treadmill. I also attended Great Run Local. A charity similar to Park Run, where you can do organised runs. Sadly I opted for the 5km, but my aim is to run the 5km this weekend! 

Great Run Local is run in a informal, very friendly way. I preferred the course over the Park Run I have done as there were less hills. There was support and information from the organisers about stretching at the end and overall it was a fantastic atmosphere. My only bug bear is that It has taken me so long to get there. I registered in October last year!

6.040.2018 - GRL friends.jpg
I met these lovely friends there! 

Some other news is that I have a little community of fellow runners that are all training for 10km. The fantastic thing about this is that you want to get out and do it. We are all starting from the same point too. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM), my old school motto, but in running; TEAM is very true.

Roland and I ran for 20 minutes solid today. No walks. We survived it. I am /on Week 5, Day 3 of the Zenlab C210km programme. Each time I see how long I have to run for, I am never sure if I will do it. But i surprise myself. It is that feeling that I need to hold on to. A friend, in the picture above, said to me; “You need to stop comparing yourself with others and just do it.” He was right. I need to just keep putting one step in front of the other, a little quicker each time. 🙂

6.04.2018 - Roland helps blog.jpg
Not a great pic, but Roland helps me blog every step of the way.

Today I feel reflective, but I am going to hold on to some tips to get me through the 5km on Sunday. 1. The race is with myself only, I just need to do the best I can. 2. Rome was not built in a day. 3. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, each step is one more step to my goal.

Until Sunday, laterz….

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