10KM Training (Again)

Roland and I are training again. Sadly due to the mud, we are starting again on Week 3 of the Zenlabs, C210k trainer. This app I previously deleted because it either crashed on me, or didn’t record the runs. But I am determined. I have a fun race in June and I want to be race ready!

I found this week quite easy. I am not sure if I will move onto Week 4 and see how I get on, or if I continue the programme and take comfort in the fact that I found this week easy. I am just saddened that once again I am starting again!

24.03.2018 - After the run.jpg
After our run, Roland looks happy. 

This weeks run consisted on 5 minute warm up walk, 90 second run, walk for 90 seconds Run for 3 minutes, walk for 3 minutes and then repeat once.

One little tip I have found works for me is this. After a run I am often really hungry. I find it impossible to make food that will fuel me because many of these things aren’t very quick. But I found a recipe that works for short 30 minute runs which will fuel you straight after. It is baked eggs. They don’t always look pretty but they are tasty, and just what you need for the day. I use silicone muffin trays to cook mine in, which means limited stress because it reduces them sticking to the tray! I also divide a tin of baked beans into 3 and serve these too. Yum.

24.03.2018 - Food!
After run breakfast! Limited prep, mass taste! 

You plonk the egg and baked beans into the oven on 150 degrees C and go out for your run. When you get back your breakfast is made, low in Kcal and very tasty. It will also fuel you for the day ahead.

My aim this week is to run at least 3 more times. I will try and share with you my recipes for eating well this week too.

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