We are back in the running game!

Following on from my last post; a miracle did happen. We managed a run. Last Wednesday we ran for 1.5 miles (2.5km). It was more of a stop start, stop start type run. The point is, it doesn’t really matter how fast, what time and where you go. The point is that I did it. I broke the void that was stopping me from running.

My new trail running shoes have got mud on. But this is a new lesson to me too. This is the first time I have brought trail running shoes and they worked. Although it sounds very poetic, they made me feel as though I was flying over the mud, instead of wading through it.

20.03.2018 - brand new trail run shoes.jpg
BRAND New shoes, did not want to get these muddy! 

Then today, Tuesday, we went out again. I was feeling positive. I felt I could conquer the world. We very nearly did! It felt muddy in some places, but I just walked them. Although at times I wanted to stop, I didn’t. We managed about 4.5km, or just under 3 miles. Our shoes did end up a bit muddy, but I like that. It’s character and it shows that they are not just for show!

20.03.2018 - After run..jpg
Muddy trail run shoes! 

As usual, I also like to show the true face of running. The one that does not look like the ad for a yogurt advert. I always feel good after my run, but I want to sit down and snack after. I also do not look pretty straight after a run. It takes a while to get back to my normal colouring. But I don’t mind, the effects of a run, far outweighs the redness in my face!

20.03.2018 - straight after a run.jpg

I am hoping that miracles continue to happen and that Roland and I can go back to our usual runnings ways.



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  1. Glad to see your happy red puffy face from a run and Roland’s chubby cheeks. If you think Roland will be good, he’s welcome to come to the party – I can warn you when we are going to pop the balloon if it would frighten him. My friends are bringing their kids so plenty for Jasper to play with. Looking forward to seeing you – been ages x


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