Snow :(

We’ve had a lot of snow. It has been very disruptive, if for nothing else but Roland and I’s running schedule. Again we have not gone out.

We have however, gone a bit nuts. Our walks have not been as long as usual. This is as a direct response of the schools being closed. We have been in the position where at some points during the week we couldn’t even leave our village.

6.02.1028 - Snow
Roland liked the snow, but liked to hide under the bushes! 


My worries now, are that when the weather gets nicer, we both will need to up our training. To prepare myself, I have got new trail running trainers (arriving today!) I want to run for a charity again in the near future, but I need to find a course I feel comfortable running.

The spring seems to be in the air (Finally!) and judging by the limited amount of mud on the footpaths it really won’t be long until our next real run!  I and Roland just need to dust off our trainers and motivate ourselves to get out.

Fingers crossed, my next post will be about our run!

6.03.2018 - Snow footpath
Snow stopped our runs! This is a pavement! 

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