People Surprise you

We haven’t been running as much as I’d like. Partially, because Roland has not been very well and I have been worried about exerting his energy. But, I recently got gym membership and have been trying to utilise that. It is also very muddy on our rural runs and often impossible to run through it. Roland in particular does not like the mud and would prefer to walk around it (which in some places in near on impossible) then actually take the easier route through.

All things considered, I think the few rainy, windy, cold days that we have made it out we have done very well. A mantra of mine has always been if you can’t find 30 minutes to yourself everyday, then you must be going wrong somewhere. But this month has been testing to just find 30 minutes.

January has been a month of trying to move more (and succeeding), trying to find a new focus (my Master’s dissertation has been completed and sent off) and trying to improve myself, inside and out. The last one seems to be the hardest.

Roland and I went for a run on Tuesday. Only 1.5 miles or 2km. At least it was something to get us started. I have had a kidney infection (at least that’s what the doctor thinks) and I wasn’t sure how far I could go. I managed the first mile quite successfully. The final half mile, I almost burst into tears from the pain in my kidney. I slowed, walked and ran after the pain disappeared. I was proud that we hadn’t gone too far and that I hadn’t over done it.

But along the way I was surprised by someone. On occasional runs I have met people that have an opinion that was not asked for. One lady in the past told me that “I could still get my steps without trying to run, and that she does it just by walking her dog.” I ignored that. I may not look like I enjoy my run, but I do enjoy the feeling it gives. Other people have tried to tell me that Roland should not be running because of his breed. I don’t force him to run, he has been vet checked and has had a mass amount of surgery pre-rescue to widen his airways and allow him to be his best.

On our run, I was surprised. I was just getting onto the road part of the run, feeling a little tired and hoping I wouldn’t annoy car users as the road is a single track. A car slowed and I honestly thought the person driving would give me their opinion. I was wrong. The lady wound her window down and said “It’s lovely to see your dog enjoying running so much. My friend has a pug, and I love them.” She then proceeded to ask if I wanted to take her two Newfoundland with me too!

I was surprised by this ladies enthusiasm. Her acknowledgment that it was good for Roland and I and that we both enjoyed it. But I was saddened that I thought she would share a negative opinion. That my aim in January; to improve myself inside and out had not happened.

Now it is a new month. The second month in my year of change. The weather should start to improve and the weather should start drying out the mud. Roland and I will carry on running. I will continue to strive for self improvement, and if one day I do not judge someone as being negative on first meeting, I know I will have improved.

At the end of the day we could all take advantage of #beinglikeroland. He greets everyone like an old friend, does not hold grudges and still enjoys walking for miles.

roland 1.02.2018

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  1. Jeep it up Hev! I agree that winter running esp in a rural area is difficult and frustrating. I’m proud I have managed 5k and want to keep it up but our local paths are so muddy and flooded it’s hard enough to walk!


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