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hair dieters moussaka

Last night was date night. I always worry about date night as I don’t want to eat too much, or too many calories. For Roland it is easy, I give him his food. But for me, I have the choice of what I want and this makes me go to the cupboard. For both Roland and I, if I eat rubbish before a run, even the night before, it affects my ability. I have noticed this with Roland too.

I followed this Hairy Dieters recipe for Moussaka. I had to make a one person portion. But it turned out to be yummy. My husband (who doesn’t really get enough of a mention on this blog) has a metabolic condition called PKU. So he can’t eat meat. I made him his own Low protein version with swede instead of mince which turned out well.


pku moussaka.jpg

I used vegan violife cheese. He said it tasted amazing.

The whole recipe was approx. 330 kcal. It will fuel my run today with Roland and I feel a little smug knowing I had something delicious that would not hamper my efforts.

I will try and share more of my meals with you as you can get some fabulous running low kcal recipes.


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