Where have we been???!?

Roland and I have not been too well recently. 4 weeks before Christmas I had a scary experience where Roland had an epileptic fit. An hour after our run he became restless and rigid and then started to do a little wee. I have never seen something so terrifying and honestly thought I would lose him.

After a vet check, I was advised to allow him to rest for at least 5 days. Apparently his neurons (this may be my lack of understanding) are on alert and will make him tired. I felt awful, I have only ever wanted the best for my pug, and yet I felt I had caused it. I then got flu, and had 3 weeks of bed rest until christmas!

However, we are now back on it. Our aim is to run 3 times a week as before. It is very muddy here and we are struggling to get on our rural routes. For christmas Roland and I got a camera so we can film Roland on our run and I got Roland a new proper running harness which I will review.

Our aim is to get back to our running selves again very soon. 🙂 Roland 13.01.208

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  1. Oh no, I didn’t know that happened to Roland. Evie had a few fits too. At one point the vet was warning us she might need meds. Then someone told me to try giving her less biscuits and more wet food and since then she’s not had anymore fits (that we know of).


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