We Did it!

Feeling a bit worried.
Before Dog Jog!

We Managed our 5km Dog Jog in approx 43.23. Not bad. The jog was eventful though! Here it goes:

Before we even arrived, I was worrying about parking. I was anxious about my run, I was anxious about where I was doing it. I was worrying about not getting parked. I was worrying about being late. So my first lesson in racing is to find a venue I am familiar with where there is decent parking nearby!

When  the countdown had started and we proceeded to Go! We went very fast. This is why I am not a keen racer. Roland likes to keep up with the other dogs, and I don’t like feeling as though I am falling behind. This is my first lesson. Never worry about setting your own pace and do not let Roland dictate my pace. On the first straight one person let go (by accident) of their very large dogs lead. This led to chaos amongst the dogs and made me lose my concentration.

Around the first loop we found the first hill. This was a struggle to get up. Not only that but somewhere in the park there was something that was making me wheeze and setting my asthma off. We sat for a couple of minutes to the very supportive first aider until I felt ready to go. I think Roland was keen on having a rest after that hill too!

We then had to go round again. This means it is a looped course. This is my next lesson. I do not enjoy a looped course! It feels as though you are going back on yourself. But I kept going. Down the hill again. I managed to get a high five from most of the stewards to keep me going. (There were plenty of them so that no dog would get dehydrated.)

Before Dog Jog
Before Dog Jog. Roland’s friend Dolly ran with us. She is also a rescue!

Up the mighty hill in which we had formed a small pack with a husky type dog, a labrador and another dog that I can’t remember. We followed, past the lovely first aider who was checking we were still ok. Then I realised, I still had another km to go. Argh. I thought the loop would loop back to the finish but I was wrong.

At this point, what did my legs want? To stop! So we began to walk. Roland needed some water by the time we got to the next marshall. She told me that she thought we were the last ones. In my competitive nature, I would not let anyone win before me. The husky were way ahead but not the two men who were with the lab. So what did we do?

We picked a song (It’s not over yet by Of King and Country) that we knew would motivate us. We decided to go at our pace. Pass the men (In which I said, “Keep going, it’s not over yet”) and they laughed. We high fived the next marshall and were on our way to completing.

Our time? Not great. Despite training for this run. Despite it all. But we have the medal. We met like minded dog owners and we finished. Something which a year ago I am not sure I would have had the mental strength to do.

The best bit? We weren’t last. There were many people far behind us and despite us stopping to chat after, when we did venture back to the car, they were still announcing people finishing.

All in all a great experience. Thanks Dog Jog!

We have also raised £117.50 for Pugs like Roland. If you would like to donate, please click here.

Well done Roland
We Finished!

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