New bed, new
New bed, Being spoilt rotten.

Today is #worldmentalhealthday. This blog post will be slightly different from the others. Sombre if you like.

Like many, I have mental health problems…. well sometimes. I have spent most, if not all, of my adult life plagued by depression and anxiety. It affects my day to day life. When I am feeling really down, I struggle to leave the house. The walls that surround me are my prison. I eat too much, when I am unwell. I fail to take care of even the simple requirements of everyday living, because I am unwell. My mind is not fun at times. It is impossible to escape from the feeling that absolutely everything is hard work. From basic needs to cleaning, to advance needs such as leaving the house. I have to stick to things I am comfortable with.

I am well. At the moment. Like anyone with mental health issues, I do not know when it will blind side me. But I am well. The reason I am well? I exercise. I run. I can raise my endorphins to beat the illness. Every run, whether short or long, is a way to keep my mind well. But sometimes it is exhausting to get out there, to do it.

Yesterday was my first run in 4 days. I didn’t really want to go. My mind was beginning to feel unwell. I have a lot of changes in the next few weeks which are obviously playing on my mind. But I got dressed and agreed with myself that I would run, even if it was round the block.

Roland and I ended up running 6km! My C210K app stopped working and we ran the whole amount without walking. I went a different way as I wanted to see where the footpath went. Roland had the best smile on his face. At one point we had to duck, jump and swerve trees. But we were free and were running.

In the same vain of Mental Health Day, I think Roland was not happy in his overweight state. He seems happier when he runs for the whole day. I have no idea if dogs have endorphins, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Tomorrow, we are off for a longer run. I feel as though we can do it. But for today it is a rest day and a look at how far we have both come in our health. We have our 5km race on Saturday. 4 Days! Argh!!!


hev and Roland.

new bed for Roland
Roland has a new bed and a treat to go in it!

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