Running is not pretty!

runing definatley not pretty
Us after a run

Part of the point of this blog is to show you what real running looks like. Sometimes I browse other sites and the image is that after a run you will look amazing, ready for the day and you have no sweat on your brow. That is not true.

Today we ran 4.7km. I didn’t want to run. After a hard weekend and a terrible night sleep, i told myself, I would just walk Roland, and maybe run a little. But I ran after my 5 minute walk. It was warmer than I expected and windy. I have no idea why, but I always seems to find a way to go for a run into the wind. Not away from the wind. Roland was up for it though.

I tripped on mud around the way. Kept going, and even added some road running to our route. All in all, not a bad little run. But today my mind was thoughtful. It made me recognise how far I came, but how far I still have to come. In 14 days we have our first race. My aim is to run/ jog it. The chance is I will walk it. That aside, four years ago I couldn’t walk the distance I am running without needing a day of rest. Roland? He couldn’t even walk ten minutes. We are both motivating each other, and we both don’t want to go back to what we were.

Luckily, the thing the other blogs may not tell you is that the unpretty after effects of running can soon be undone. The health benefits take a while to undo. As such, we will continue our training. We will continue to always be last, and slower than those walking. But we will never look back and wish that we couldn’t do this. It is this moment of clarity I need to retain when half way round a run circuit with the view to give up.

We are still lapping our own selves who are sat on the couch!

hev x

Running not pretty

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