2nd parkrun!

park run sign 23.9.jpg
Before Park Run!

We did our second ever parkrun on Saturday. It was enjoyable. Some of the people remembered Roland and were really pleased we were still running. Our aim was to beat our previous time of 42 minutes. We did this. Only just. I blame the hills. So we managed it in 39 minutes and 10 seconds.

This is the pure joy of parkrun. You get an official time and it prepares you for race conditions. Roland and I hate hills. This route was very hilly. However, we met a lady along the way who motivated us and we motivated her to keep going up every one!

Roland is good in race conditions, but I am now considering getting us a proper harness. We met a man with a little Westie who had a proper harness. They both got tangled and he had a fabulous untangle hook where he can just unhook the lead. I feel like this may be the future for our runs!

On coming over the finish line, we got a clap and a lot of well dones, but one man even emptied water into his hand so Roland could have a drink. Roland does not seem to like that and opted to drink my water! All in all, a successful run!

park run 23.9
Park run friends! Roland is tired! (after our run!)

We are currently fundraising for PDWR and are running in DogJog. All money raised goes towards dogs like Roland. If you would like to donate please click here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/thispugcan 

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