Wet but fun run

Muddy Roland!

Again I would love to share my stats, but Strava failed to start all the way around. It seems to think I was capable of running 1km in 8 seconds! 😂

I have deleted my zenlab c210k for various reasons. One being that it kept crashing at the end of my runs and not logging my progress. I have downloaded the c210k by vandersoft. My review can be found under products, but so far it’s ok!

Yesterday was wet. As we were preparing ourselves for our run, the skies were blue. As soon as we started the rain came down. This didn’t put off but Roland seemed a little put out!

As we started, it was very muddy underfoot. I had to go slower than usual just to make sure I stayed upright. On the occasions I did nearly slip over, Roland was right there checking I was ok. I wish I had his core stability!

At the end of our 6.5km run, less than 0.25km to home, I slipped. I have twisted my knee. Roland was ace. We made it home. After an evening of rest it is getting better and I have been stretching as much as I can.

Today I will aim to tell you about some exciting news for Roland and I!

Muddy trainers

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