C210K by Vandersoft

Vandersoft C210K app

I had had problems with my Zenlab C210K app. It was not logging my progress, kept crashing through the runs and seemed to drain my battery even if I wasn’t using it.

After my last frustrated week on C210K Week 10, I felt as though I had given it enough of a chance to work correctly, and decided to look at reviews. Other people had reported the same thing about the Zenlab app, so i looked for another one.

I downloaded Vandersofts C210k. The app is very simple. It doesn’t take too long to load and unlike the Zenlab app you can skip to which ever week you want. Ace! The only criticism I had on my first look was that you couldn’t play music through the app.

The app runs in the background, which is useful. It tells you how long you have left on each run on the home screen. One drawback is that you cannot pick the voice of the person speaking the intervals. Luckily for me the voice was not that annoying but some people may have preferred someone else to talk.

The lovely thing about this app is it is simple. The Zenlab app insists on location settings and contacts to hook you up. This one does not and I found this satisfying. It also does not prompt you to share your runs to social media.

There are guided prompts along the way, that enable you to know how long you have left and this was reassuring.

My biggest sadness was that it also crashed at the end. But strava also did the same, so all in all I was probably having a technology breakdown as oppose to it being this app.


Easy to use

Adverts are nicely placed and not in your face

No insistence on sharing your runs with anyone

Clean interface


You cannot pick the voice

Crashed at the end of the run

Cannot play music through the app.

app pic on my phone is red, but i feel it should be blue, so it took a while to work out where it was!

Note – I am not affiliated with any of the products mentioned in this review, nor have I been asked to write a review on this product.

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