6km – Done!


I have been feeling a little rubbish over the past week, so haven’t managed to get out for a run. We have had plenty of walks. We managed 6km, here are our stats:

1km – 5:49

2km – 7:18

3km – 6:52

4km – 5:27

5km – 6:54

6km – 6:55

My aim for consistent split place appears to be getting better, but could be improved. Today was exceptionally windy and it worked against me most of the time. The whole route was against the wind. This made the whole run feel harder on my legs than perhaps it would have if it was less windy.

I think km4 was when the wind was working in my favour! It blew me all the way round. The wind wasn’t only a problem for me. It had ripped branches from trees. Roland had to jump over them or go around them, and I often had to stop to help him work it out! Bless him.

I need to work out a schedule I can stick to and this will be included on my next blog.

For now. We are happy. We still managed a run and we only saw one other mad dog walker out in this weather. So I am pretty chuffed and Roland was pleased he got to go!

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