Technology Fail!

Today was our first run in a week and i’d like to pop the stats up, but all my apps appeared to be working against me today so I am not able to.

Before we go for a run, as soon as I come downstairs in my running gear Roland goes nuts. Like the video! On Monday I feel guilty as I go out to Zumba and Ballet, but Roland always sees me in my exercise gear and expects me to take him with me. I wanted to film this to show you how much he loves his runs!

We haven’t been out for a run for a while due to camping and this was our first once since last Wednesday. Strava decided that we had ran 10km and one of our splits was 2 minutes 5 seconds. Usain Bolt we are not (however much we wish we were) and that made me lose my focus. Additionally Zen Labs seemed to conspire against us and stopped working too.

On our run, someone had lit a bonfire which made my asthma slightly bad and we decided to do the route backwards that we had started on. All in all, I think we achieved approx 7km in 52 minutes. But I may be wrong, which is frustrating as I like to know how I am doing.

Water is essential after a run!

After all good or bad runs, refreshment is needed. This is something Roland does well. As soon as I drop his lead, he heads into the kitchen for some water. He recovers better than me.

Music has always been a motivator for me to keep going. It takes my mind off the run and onto the beat. Today I couldn’t focus and kept stopping to walk. Roland is such a great motivator because he continues to look at me like I am letting him down. If I could read his mind I can only assume it is saying “Mummy, why are you stopping, keep going.”

Sometimes I wish my mind was better as focusing. I wish I could be a runner and not someone who feels as if they are pretending. Roland is the opposite. He can keep going. He runs for fun. He doesn’t seem to understand the desire to stop, or the mentality that he can’t do it. I wish I had his mindset, his motivation. But it is because of the pure pleasure in his face that I do keep going, I don’t stop. We both support each other.

Look as his face after the run, such a happy dog.

After run endorphins kick in!

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