What we take on a run

Contents of Bum Bag

Today is a rest day. I am dreading my run tomorrow. After a week of camping, I still feel exhausted. But no run will mean we are off plan to achieve our 10k and will have to start again 😦

Due to the circumstances of Roland’s rescue I didn’t know if running would be for us. I didn’t want to buy an expensive cani-cross harness and lead for it not to be used. So I made my own version. My understanding is that the cani-cross harness and lead have a bungee style lead so that it is easier for you to keep running and them to have a sniff. I don’t have this!

When I first started running I couldn’t work out how other runners carried everything. Until I saw a lady running by herself and she had a bum bag (fanny pack) on. So I brought one. It was £3.99 on eBay and has done us well.

Inside my bum bag I have the following:

My asthma inhaler (just incase)

Dog treats (again just incase)

Dog poo bags

Mobile phone with headphone (so I can hear Strava, zen labs and my music)

House keys

My bum bag keeps everything neatly inside. It is not too heavy to carry. I hook the end of the lead through the waistband which enables me to run hands free even when Roland needs to be on the lead. It also allows him to pull me if I’m tired 🙂

Rest Day for Roland!

The lead fits nicely round my waist too to carry when I take Roland off the lead.

My bumbag at the moment is getting a little frayed around the edges so I am looking to try a different approach. Please do comment below if you have any suggestions.

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